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Survival Season 6 is here!

October 26, 2020

Survival Season 6 is finally here. In this new season we bring you loads of new stuff! Join our giveaways at discord.mgu.one #giveaways.

About the release

With major updates and a brand new world seed, this time is gonna be a real survival experience. Just as we always say, keep it as vanilla as possible. We bring you these following major updates -

1. New mode of economics. Iron, Gold, Diamonds are primary mode of currency. In game cash will be rarest commodity. Use wisely

2. BattlePass. Free for all. Divided into 7 weeks. Complete quests to earn weekly and daily rewards. Extra Rewards for Premium Users

3. Daily login reward system

4. Daily vote reward system

5. Admin shop removed

6. One common location for all player shops. Players can create their own shops to sell or trade goods

7. New Trade Signs. Read more about it in spawn. Video will be added soon. You can add Trade Signs to open up shops and sell and trade items

8. Use /trade to trade with someone for bulky amounts

9. PvP enabled in Nether and End

10. Keep inventory off

11. Player warps added

12. Mob Transporter added. Check spawn for recipe

Public release at set to 25 August 2AM CEST / 5:30 AM IST